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FDA closes down 'weevil-infested' Piccadilly factory 02-03-2017
FDA embarks on public awareness of fake drugs 25-02-2017
First female head of FDA outlines vision 16-02-2017
FDA investigates "relabeled" Blue Jeans Energy Drink 23-01-2017
FDA seizes a metric tonne of expired products in Koforidua 19-01-2017
FDA destroys unwholesome goods in Sunyani 28-12-2016
FDA to regulate blood collection to ensure safety 23-12-2016
FDA discounts claims of ‘plastic rice’ on market 17-12-2016
FDA has not approved any medicine for the cure of HIV/ AIDS 13-10-2016
FDA to punish individuals who break law on no smoking at public places 18-08-2016
FDA expands laboratories to conduct tests for other African countries 26-07-2016
Palm oil now safe for consumption - FDA 06-07-2016
FDA arrest unlicensed sachet water producer 13-06-2016
FDA withdraws H&H infant cereals from the market 21-09-2016
FDA launches programme to check medicine-related harm to patients 09-06-2016
Enforce ban on unregistered Ciprobiotic — FDA urged 27-05-2016
FDA gets tough - engages CID to enforce laws 27-05-2016
FDA Investigates alleged millipedes in palm oil practice 27-05-2016
Sachet water is not repackaged tap water - FDA 27-05-2016
FDA certifies 500 traders to sell palm oil 27-05-2016
Traders present palm oil to FDA for testing 25-05-2016
FDA sets up task force to check illegal adverts on food and drugs 25-05-2016
Adulterated food – More vigilance needed from FDA 25-05-2016
FDA steps up surveillance on palm oil 25-05-2016
FDA confiscates adulterated palm oil from 10 Accra markets 25-05-2016
Body enhancement medications can kill — FDA 25-05-2016
Ensure adverts conform to standards - FDA tells media 25-05-2016
Don’t use Ciprobiotic 250 - FDA alerts public 25-05-2016
FDA ensuring medicines meet quality standard 25-05-2016
FDA discovers adulterated products on market 24-05-2016