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Food hygiene starts from our markets 14-09-2021
Antimalarial, antiretroviral drugs of good quality 15-07-2021
Govt urged to restrict antimalarial drug import 23-06-2021
FDA fines Shoprite for deceiving customers with imported frozen chicken 28-06-2021
FDA closes Shoprite's meat section at Accra Mall 28-06-2021
FDA satisfied with second dose deployment of Covishield 28-06-2021
Shisha, electronic cigarettes not safe — FDA 28-06-2021
FDA affirms: Living Bitters capsules are safe 28-03-2021
No reports of blood clots linked to COVID-19 vaccination in Ghana – FDA 28-06-2021
Only Ministry of Health can import COVID-19 vaccines - FDA reiterates after seizure of fake vaccines in South Africa 28-06-2021
FDA declares 2021 year of winning public confidence 28-06-2021
FDA explains efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines 28-06-2021
Johnson and Johnson vaccine: FDA finds the single-shot jab safe 25-02-2021
COVID-19 vaccines safe, effective – FDA assures public 28-06-2021
FDA recalls contaminated pet foods from market 28-06-2021
FDA, Pharmacy Council issue alert following hydrogen peroxide shortage 28-06-2021
FDA destroys unwholesome products in Koforidua 28-06-2021
FDA destroys unwholesome products in C/R 28-06-2021
FDA declares zero tolerance for unregistered products 28-06-2021
Register products before sale - FDA advises importers 28-06-2021
No COVID-19 vaccine yet approved for use in Ghana - FDA 28-06-2021
Cedi posts election-year milestone 12-01-2021
Pay attention to food products - FDA warns consumers ahead of Xmas 28-06-2021
Chamber of Pharmacy suspects smear campaign against FDA boss 28-06-2021
FDA re-authorises sale of COA Mixture 22-10-2020
COA boss commends FDA 22-10-2020
FDA rolls out safe disposal of expired drugs 09-10-2020
FDA assures clients of improved services 06-10-2020
Tomato paste and mix sold in Ghana are safe for consumption – FDA 25-09-2020